Beloff thesis

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Jonathan R. Beloff

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LAURA BELOFF A thesis submitted to the University of Plymouth in partial fulfillment for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY School of Art & Media Faculty of Arts April 3 Laura Beloff The Hybronaut and The Umwelt: Wearable Technology as Artistic Strategy Abstract.

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Beloff, L. & Jørgensen J. (), The Condition: Towards Hybrid Agency, CULTURAL R>EVOLUTION: Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art. School of Creative Media, City University Hong Kong p. 6 p. Beloff & Clérico. 2 overshadowed: the argument of vulnerability.

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exhibitions GRADUATE THESIS EXHIBITIONS: GROUP 1. GRADUATE THESIS EXHIBITIONS: GROUP 1. March 11, - March 25, CCS Bard Galleries. Susan Hiller, Zoe Beloff, and Jennifer Bornstein employ old technologies to conjure our desire for the supernatural.

Beloff thesis
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