Capital structure arbitrage master thesis pdf

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retail investors: role of individuals’ financial behaviour in the Spanish Securities Market” in part fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the Dublin Business School.

The Solvency Capital Requirement is the amount of capital that insurers need to have available to cover a loss that is expected to occur once in every years.

Due to the complicated pay-off structure of insurance liabilities the estimation of the capital requirement is a complex calculation.

Capital Structure Arbitrage – attempt to exploit pricing inefficiencies between two securities of the same company.

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Example: buying a debt instrument that is believed to be undervalued. Master’s Degree programme – Second Cycle (D.M. /) in Business Administration Final Thesis Capital structure and financial crisis: an empirical analysis of Italian firms.

arbitrage opportunities for energy efficiency resources in the PJM capacity market

mergers, restructurings, financial distress, tender offers, shareholder buybacks, debt exchanges, security issuance or other capital structure adjustments.

Security types can range from most senior in the capital structure to most junior or subordinated, and frequently involve additional derivative securities.

Capital structure arbitrage master thesis pdf
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