Duke economics honors thesis

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Bruce A. Elvin.

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Associate Dean and Sr. Lecturing Fellow, Career & Professional Development Center Bruce also earned a Magister (Masters) in German Law, graduating with "high honors" and writing his Thesis on Steuerkonsequenten Bruce currently co-teaches the "Business & Economics of Law Firms" at Duke Law School and has facilitated the.

the pennsylvania state university schreyer honors college department of economics 18 or the economic implications of the minimum legal drinking age in the united states. Alex Rosenberg (Ph.D.Johns Hopkins) joined the Duke faculty in He is the R.

Taylor Cole Professor of Philosophy (with secondary appointments in the biology and political science departments). Undergraduate funding opportunities can be searched on the Undergraduate Research Support website.

Learn more about DIBS The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences is a scientific institute with a collaborative spirit and a commitment to education, service and knowledge across disciplines. Thesis: The Law & Economics of Social Enterprise and Hybrid Organizations Chair: Henry Hansmann Honors: Kauffman Fellow in Law and Economics Yale University M.A.

in Economics New York University School of Law Duke Economics Department, public finance workshop. I was a Duke undergraduate studying economics and political science, then a statistician employed by the Sanford Public Policy Institute and now I'm a third year PhD student in political theory.

Duke economics honors thesis
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