Friedmans flat world thesis

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The World Is Not Flat

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The World Is Not Flat

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Thomas Friedman The World Is Flat Thesis - Help?

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The book, The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman draws attention to some very good points concerning globalization and the world economy today. Friedman emphasizes the status of America today in relation to the other countries of the world.

Nilekani off-handedly mentions a level field and Friedman attributes to him the radical idea of a flat world. “This is the intellectual version of Far Out Space Nuts, when NASA repairman Bob Denver sets a whole sitcom in motion by pressing ‘launch’ instead of ‘lunch’ in a space capsule.

"More people in more places now have the power to access the flat-world platform ” to connect, compete, collaborate, and, unfortunately destroy ” than ever before.

“ Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat pg Although Friedman certainly wrote with his customary flair in The World Is Flat, he nevertheless fell well short of supporting his provocative thesis with convincing data and analysis. Instead, The World Is Flat consists mainly of personal observations and anecdotes.

The World Is Flat is a window to Friedman's account of the new world coming toward us-a world that is growing at a speed of an express train. This change has started only recently but is claimed to be in the pace never seen before in the history.

In a flat world it is far more difficult to get a job because competition will be increasing at an incredible rate. There are currently 1 billion people online in It .

Friedmans flat world thesis
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